A Time to Squint

[Warning:  I am now the sort of old man who seems only to talk about the weather.]

IMG_3159At long last, we had the weather to take to laying in the grass, squinting at clouds.  It didn’t last long (the squinting at clouds part – it was hurting the boy’s eyes), but we’re only just beginning.


We ate both lunch and dinner outside in the courtyard behind our building yesterday.  Apparently I was so excited for the opportunity that I dressed like our picnic blanket.  Oh well.

We’re still so fresh off this seemingly extended winter that I almost don’t know what to do with myself.  Wasn’t it just snowing?  I know I have a very recent picture of these blooms outside my window…


…when they were really snow puffs accumulating on the tree branches, and not actually the flowers I see now.

Of course, I’ll take pleasantly confused over disappointed and cold, any day of the week.

Ruthie Rotates

Pleasant confusion – that probably best describes my understanding of Ruthie’s recent milestones.

I’ve noted in several blog posts her general…contentedness when it comes to mobility.  Her approach to the subject, so it has seemed, was more or less, “eh.”  Ruthie is a happy baby by default.  I like to think my stellar stay-at-home parenting deserves all the credit, but I know better when she smiles at anyone and everyone we meet.

It’s all her.

But her calm demeanor was making it seem like she wasn’t particularly concerned about moving around.  Put her on her back in the middle of the floor, leave her to go shopping for a few hours, come back and she’d still be there, just chillin.  She could roll over, we’ve seen her do this several times.  She just preferred not to.

We didn’t necessarily mind it – that’s the big benefit of parenting a second child.  Everything is so much less dramatic.  It’s easier to  just let her grow without worrying about every little thing.  You question yourself less.  You question your baby less.  You realize that wondering “is there something wrong?” is an answer in itself.  If you have to ask the question, it means you don’t already know.  If you don’t already know, then things are probably fine.  When something is “wrong,” you know – you don’t have to wonder.

So you could imagine my surprise when the other day, without so much as noticing even a few failed attempts, Ruthie propped herself up on her hands and rotated on her belly a full 180 degrees.  It was so controlled and easy that it made me wonder if she’s been doing it all along.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of it.  Where Loren took forever to sit up without assistance, Ruthie has surprisingly good balance.  She sits on her own for long periods of time, and recently began pulling herself unto her belly (and face), in an effort to grab for objects just beyond her reach.  Perhaps recognizing the potential dangers in this method (and after a few visits watching her friend Mae), she’s instead begun scooting around on her butt in pursuit of Loren’s toys, and with remarkable efficacy.

Ruthie has gone from almost entirely immobile to inconveniently free-wheeling in just a matter of weeks.  My days of having to worry about only one child’s whereabouts are coming to a close.

I get the feeling that these two kids are conspiring against me.


It’s time to baby proof again.

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