Another Slow Day!

I’m guest posting over at again today.  This time I offer insight into why and how I chose (and Natalie was cool with), my becoming a stay-at-home dad.  It’s something I’ve realized I’ve never really broken down here on the blog, so it was nice getting a chance to reflect upon and share the story.


Once again, thanks to Zoe and the team for hosting me.

Go check out the post and share some love.


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  1. […] show that intends to follow around “modern” stay-at-home dads.  They found me via my SlowMama posts.  We spoke for a half-hour about what I’m like and “why America might fall in […]

  2. I just read your story over at Slow Mama! I think it is great and it should be more acceptable. I bet you get so many weird reactions when you tell people. I knew one stay at home dad when we were in Hawaii and it worked out great for him, too. They say that the relationship between a daughter and her father is the most important, so I am sure that you two will have such a special relationship! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Most reactions to my situation are pretty positive. I’m sure some folks have negative opinions about it (because people), but I’ve never had to face it in person.

    I think the kids are having fun with it. It will definitely be interesting to hear their take on the whole thing when they are older (gulp).

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