Baby Proofing: DIY TV Stand Skirt

Toddlers are a curious sort.  Loren is no different.  Like most parents, I cringe at the inevitable therapy bills I’m mounting for myself as a result of constantly repeating the same commands –  all day, every day, over and over and over again.  “No touch! No Touch! Please, for the love of god, no touch…”

While the below TV stand skirt Natalie made tends to slow him down a bit, it isn’t fool-proof.  The idea here was that we needed something to at least deter Loren from messing with the DVD player and other electronics under the TV stand.  As it was before, anytime he happened to notice the DVD player he was on it – which was often. He’d begun pulling it off the shelf, where it would then dangle by the wires.  He’d even managed to press the “eject” button from time to time.  No doubt, he would eventually break the DVD tray off, effectively ruining the device.  It was just a matter of time.

Sometimes pants are overrated.

Now, not so much.  As you can see, he still finds his way under there from time to time.  But with the skirt in place it is no longer the constant battle it once was.  And for the price of cheap Ikea fabric and some staples, you really can’t beat it.  Still better? The DVD remote works through the fabric – so there is no need to pull it up in order to control your player.  Very cheap, very easy fix.  Well, an easy almost fix.

In “baby proofing” our place, we’ve taken up the goal of doing whatever we can to not set ourselves up to fail.  If there is something at baby eye-level that is obviously going to attract his interest (like an electronic device with buttons and lights), I’m either going to get rid of it, move it, lock it away, or hide it.  I have no interest in playing the “no touch” game all day long when I know that every fabric of Loren’s being is telling him “I must touch this thing.”  It’s a waste of my sanity, and contrary to what some may say, it’s not worth the fight.  He’s learning to listen to me, slowly but surely.  Choosing to avoid these conflicts over every single thing in the house isn’t delaying this process.  It’s helping me preserve the energy for bigger, more important fights – like when he pushes on the television (which he is doing as I type this, I kid you not).

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  1. Popped over from the Horde to say hi, and my 21 month old is exactly the same.  Except now he gives the look before doing this.  The look is, “I understand that you don’t want me to touch it, but I’m going to anyways out of spite now”

    And yes I agree, sometimes pants are unnecessary especially when you have a toddler that doesn’t necessarily like pants.

  2. I agree with every word you say about not setting yourselves up for failure – it’s not like he’s not going to give the opportunity to instruct him on the very same issues. Frequently. But way make it an hourly affair? You don’t deserve it and neither does he.

    And, totally OT: May I just say how much I love that the X your “RELAX” sign is broken? It seems a perfect visual symbol of life with a toddler. 

  3. Nice catch on the Relax sign! We love it!

  4. Hi!

    I just love that Loren doesn’t have on pants in this picture. My husband will often get my four month old son dressed and NEVER put pants on him. I just blogged on our family blog a post entitled Stuff my Dad Says. In which my husband says, Son, always make sure your socks match your outfit. God forbid if I put socks on him that don’t match his outfit, but pants are really not necessary in my husbands eyes.

  5. I figure those chubby legs are insulation enough – so it’s not like I’m worried he’s getting cold if I leave the pants off.  

    And let’s be honest, the pants do little more than make diaper changes more difficult these days.  

  6. Greetings from Ireland..came across your blog completely by chance as I was frantically trying to come up with a solution to stop my 11 month twins boys from using the TV stand as a climbing frame!. A trip to Ikea for some fabric will be the highlight of our St Patricks day..I guess I should go green!. Our boys were preemies also..35 weeks and 4.5lbs..those early days are hard to remember!. Not looking forward to the pooping party in the bathtub if nd hen it happens. I will have a little smile though if it does as I remember your story!.

  7. Thanks for the kind words.  

    We’re realizing now (with baby at 16 months), that we should have stapled the fabric to the bottom of the tv stand as well.  He started pushing the fabric at the bottom to create a foot-hold for climbing.  I think staples down there would prevent that. Although at 16 months it seems he’s determined and agile enough to overcome most any obstacle I create for him.  

    The tub poop has happened twice now.  And it doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten any better at handling it.  We did a little research and found out that he is most likely to poop within 45 min of eating (which is when we were doing bath time with him – sort of setting ourselves up to fail). So now we wait a little longer after dinner before putting him in the tub.  So far so good. 

    4.5lbs is a great size for 35 weeks! Hope they’re doing well.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  9. Hey I love this idea and I needed a solution for my 9 month old! I have a question about the fabric. What kind is it? I would like to do the same thing but want to make sure the remotes will work through it as well.

  10. Not exactly sure what type of fabric it was other than it was the cheap stuff you can by off the spool at Ikea. I can’t picture using it for much other than this or maybe curtains. Rough stuff.

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