Bedroom Build Out – Drafting

We’ve already made substantial progress on the build-out, having nearly completed Loren’s half of the baby rooms, but things have slowed since Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease took over our household.  Still marginally hobbled, I thought I’d take a little time to show you the “e-build” of our bedroom.

For my project designs I’ve been using a free program called Autodesk Homestyler, found as an “app” on Google Chrome.  I’ve used the program before, like when I was designing Natalie’s mom’s basement build out (remember that? Yeah, me too.  And I know, I know: talk about stalled projects. Mary, I promise I’ll finish it – seriously, I haven’t forgotten about your basement).

It’s pretty simple to use, and I’ve yet to run into any insurmountable stumbling blocks that might prevent me from designing spaces to fit my imagination.  Of course, I regularly run into “errors” that say things like “This wall is too small for a door” and the like.  Homestyler, don’t you know me well enough by now?

Here is the general layout, “as-is” if you will:

[Note: I love that this program lets you furnish rooms, and I love that they have a bed option that reflects my level of tidiness.]

That’s the basic layout.  The shallow closet to the bottom left is closed off by two 24-inch doors.

The 3D view:

And here is where we are going:

Like I mentioned before, I’m able to do a lot with the program, but inserting bi-fold doors into the little spaces I left (and connecting them to bookshelves) does not compute.  Fortunately, it’s working in real life so far:

I think I’ll be back to mobile today.  Walking is still a little uncomfortable, but I think the annoyance I feel from barely leaving the house this week finally outweighs the pain in my feet. Look out world, here I come…

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  1. What website did you use to digitally build your room???

  2. Here’s the link:

    It’s free. It is on the apps page if you use google chrome as your web browser.

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