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Wanna Ride Bikes?


I bought a bike this past weekend.  It's blue.  I also bought a kids trailer for the bike, so I can actually go for bike rides every once in a while without having to burn any precious "me time."  Natalie signed up for Capital Bikeshare, too, so that she can bike home from work a ...

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The Slow Death of Cool

"Oh man. We are so uncool."  That was Natalie's first comment after we got home from an objectively* cool night on the town, sans kids, to celebrate our eight years of marriage.  Although she pronounces it "coo-ool" (and always has), that wasn't the reason she believes we've lost every last ounce of whatever tiny amount ...

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Labor Day Weekend Recap

Loren is up front, the tiny blond kid.  He raced up front to greet the actors after the show wrapped.  This is very uncharacteristic of our Cautious Captain.

We stuck around DC this past weekend and despite our best efforts managed to pack it full of noteworthy events, including trips to see a free children's play at the Kennedy Center (highly recommend, seriously cant believe we've never done that before), enjoy our neighborhood's newly remodeled playground (with SPLASH PAD!), and had a total ...

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Lost and Found

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  A few weeks ago - just before leaving for family vacation actually - I lost my wallet.  IDs, cash, credit cards, Rx cards, Smartrip card, everything.  Earlier that day I'd driven the kids to Target to get diapers.  After paying to leave Target's parking garage I placed my wallet in my lap as I drove ...

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It’s July Already?


We're back from another wonderful summer trip to Minnesota, where the food and drink flows as easily and persistently as the Ottertail River.  I'll have plenty to recount later, but I'll need to go through the 1,000-plus photos to help jog my memory of some of the highlights before I do (not surprisingly, it's all ...

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The Balcony Garden


I've been spending more effort than is probably reasonable on our first-year balcony garden. I keep reading stories about novice gardeners facing crushing failure in the early run of things - root rot, fungus and other killers destroying entire bounties before they ever get going.  For some reason, despite all the warnings, I've jumped head-long ...

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