Wanna Ride Bikes?


I bought a bike this past weekend.  It's blue.  I also bought a kids trailer for the bike, so I can actually go for bike rides every once in a while without having to burn any precious "me time."  Natalie signed up for Capital Bikeshare, too, so that she can bike home from work a ...

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I Challenge You to a Duel…


I turned 31 a few weeks ago.  Though I received awesome pampering  (waking up to a candle in a glazed Boston cream doughnut along side a coffee was heaven), I still dealt with the typical trials a stay-at-home-parent must face on a regular day. The children were less than appreciative that it was my birthday.  There ...

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The Slow Death of Cool

"Oh man. We are so uncool."  That was Natalie's first comment after we got home from an objectively* cool night on the town, sans kids, to celebrate our eight years of marriage.  Although she pronounces it "coo-ool" (and always has), that wasn't the reason she believes we've lost every last ounce of whatever tiny amount ...

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As Is


We moved.*  We enjoyed the holidays.  We ran away for a week to a seriously, unbelievably improved Camp Davis.  And now we're back.  Natalie heads to work tomorrow.  The kids and I go back to doing whatever it is the kids and I do during the week.  Life marches onward.  We have a lot of ...

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Minor Adjustments

Loren and Ruthie color together. It's not the most eventful video I've taken, but it somehow manages to capture a lot. Underneath every interaction lies that hint of sibling tension. Ruthie just trying to get comfortable ends up a little too close to Loren. Loren, a little too bossy, ends up making matters worse.  "Ruthie, you're ...

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Take One, Take Two


IMG_7748: IMG_7749: Those are the default titles my camera gave these two photos, which were taken in succession.  IMG_7748 and IMG_7749.  One moment all is harmony.  The next...less so. Awkward Family Photos may have taken the internet by storm (and rightfully so), but I feel like there is a niche opening for someone to start Honest Family Photos. ...

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Wallops Island I Cant Stop Loving You

There was a big shuttle launch out of the NASA station at Wallop's Island tonight that should have been visible from many hundreds of miles away.  We didn't see it from our balcony (since we were too busy watching Loren wash dishes in the kitchen for the first time), but the thought of Wallop's Island ...

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Odd Jobs


As regular readers have surely noticed, I've fallen out of my two-year old posting rhythm lately, often neglecting to post for weeks on end.  It sucks, I really miss the writing and sharing, but it happens.  This isn't to say I've just been sitting on my hands.  Instead I've found a few odd jobs to ...

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Almost Kevin


I went grocery shopping with the kids the other afternoon.  As we walked down the freezer isle I pointed to the cases filled with frozen vegetables of every stripe.  Loren's snack of choice for the longest time has been either frozen peas in milk (which he calls "ice cream") or frozen peas in applesauce.  He'll ...

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Knock, Knock, Who’s There?


Loren's three today! And if I've learned anything from him the last few weeks, it's that the above counts as an excellent knock-knock joke punch-line, regardless of the setup. But yes, Loren turned three years old today and even though I'm rarely posting these days I felt obligated* to at least commemorate it with a brief post. *Love ...

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