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The Jimmy-Jinx and More Hytte Posten

I'm not a superstitious man.  Not necessarily.  But since having children I've grown to believe- no, I've grown to accept the fact that my outward acknowledgments control the fate of things around me. The classic "Jimmy Jinx" is one in which I mention, in the moment, that the kids are being good or sleeping well - something ...

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Bedroom Build Out – Resumed


It's been a really, really long time since I've made any progress on our bedroom build out.  After Ruthie was born all the building progress (predictably) stalled out.  That was six months ago.  For much of those six months it didn't matter.  Loren's room was more or less complete, so we didn't have to worry ...

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Shifting Gears at Camp Davis

After a long hiatus over Thanksgiving break followed by a weekend stolen due to having to do "real" work, we managed to get ourselves out to Camp Davis for the first time in what felt like forever this past weekend.  As usual, the big plans we had for the projects we could accomplish between Friday ...

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Fall Pinterest Challenge: Tin Siding

I'm linking up to another Pinterest Challenge today.  Last time I tackled the chalkboard "blacksplash" (you can see that here). In case you are new to this, here's a quick rundown.  The Pinterest Challenge is simple: Actually *do* something you recently pinned.  There is no theme, no difficulty-level expectations, nothing.  Just try something. While Katie Bower is quick ...

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