DIY: Toy Wrench Autographed by John and Sherry Petersik

This DIY project is pretty straight-forward, so I’ll leave you to the narrative:

I met John and Sherry Petersik last night.

That was pretty cool.  For those not knee-deep in the DIY/Design/Home Decor/Mommy Blogger world, these two are something like the folk heroes of the bunch.  They started their blog, Young House Love, a few years back (well, it was “This Young House” for a bit (remember that?), until This Old House had their lawyers call them – the nerve!), and since then they’ve grown to a readership of something like five million hits a month and just recently published their first book.

They have a daughter about Loren’s age, own a home, and yet the blog is their job.  Both of them.  And their book is now on the New York Times top ten best sellers list.


So when I heard that they were having a book signing in DC I knew that I had to make the trip.        Like everyone else who decided to go, I froze my feet off.  We stood in line outside for almost three hours.  But I endured.  Like everyone else I grew a tremendous admiration for the jovial man running the cookie truck (Captain Cookie and the Milkman), serving free cookies, hot chocolate and hot cider to all us fools.  When he closed up the truck I offered him my applause for his evening’s work.

But despite the near freezing temperatures and the long waiting, something funny happened to just about everyone in line.

No one really complained.

Sure the talk of the line was of the cold, we figured creative ways to keep the feeling in our feet, wondered how long it might be before we’d find sweet relief inside, but it was more just something to talk about – an bunch of observations.  “No, I cannot feel my feet either – in that we are bonded.”  I’ve been in so many situations where a wait of mere minutes turns full-blown adults into crying children.  I saw it happen waiting in line to vote for President of the United States for crying out loud.  I encountered it waiting for a bus on the ride over that night.

But when it came to meeting Young House Love duet, everybody was cool about it.  We just shivered and joked and talked and drank hot cider and wondered how on earth those two manage to keep it up day after day, night after night, blogging and blogging and blogging.  We hoped that the wine hadn’t run out on us, and we looked forward to the warmth inside FLOR, the carpet studio that was hosting the event.

When it was finally my turn I asked John and Sherry to sign Loren’s wooden wrench.  And they were all “oh, that wrench?” and I was all, “boom, this wrench.”

So Sherry took a picture of it.  And they signed it.

And now Loren (and eventually Ruthie) has a toy wrench autographed by two of the most prolific and famous DIY home decor bloggers the internet has ever known.

As my phone batteries wound down, Natalie texted to give me the green light on splurging for a cab ride home instead of taking the bus as I had planned.  Alas, I was without cash.  Fortunately, the bus-gods smiled upon me for all my hard work and perseverance, and rewarded me with short wait times and peaceful rides all the way home.

So there you have it.  A very straight-forward DIY project.  Totally worth it.

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  1. This is very cool! I would of loved to see them but alas they didn’t come to my city. Your story sure makes me miss DC though!

  2. Ya know, I saw you in line… and am now kicking myself for not saying hi! You may have my new fav blog. Consider yourself google-reader-ed. 🙂

  3. Awesome that you got to meet them! I love their blog.

  4. Aw, we had the best time! Thanks so much for coming out! You were dead on about how everyone had fun together, even out in the cold. Such an awesome group! You guys were troopers and a half and we LOVED meeting you!

    Boom. That wrench.

    Sherry (& John)

  5. I just visited your space too, and got right to pinning a bunch of things. You guys have some great ideas on your blog – nice work.

    Nice to e-meet you at least!

  6. I met some folks that came all the way up from Stafford, VA – which is probably closer to Richmond than DC. And here I was proud of myself that I trekked all the way to Georgetown (from Adams Morgan). It’s been a long time since I’ve been over that way.

  7. It was cool. I was pretty close to the end of the line, and those two were still chipper as ever, smiling and yuckin it up with their fans, like they just got started for the evening. I was very impressed.

  8. Thank you two for coming up to DC! I hope our fair city treated you well on your trip, and that the drive home was ok.

  9. I think coming from CO would of been a bit extreme. I used to live in Columbia Heights/Petworth and Georgetown is most definitely a hike!

  10. I suppose so.

    We lived at 14th and Harvard for almost five years. Small world.

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