Drawing a Full House

Loren transitioning to a big boy toddler bed; Ruthie only waking up once a night for several nights in a row; We’re on the receiving end of the single biggest check I expect to see in my entire life; And I’ve been contacted by a production company in LA about starring in a new reality TV series about modern stay-at-home dads.

Wait, WHAT??!?!


Needless to say, my head is buzzing with excitement today.  Any one of these is a singular event worthy of my total focus.  Combined, I am almost completely overwhelmed to the point of being at a loss for words (which is saying something if you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time).

I’ll get to the others later this week, but for now I’ll just try to tackle the biggest, most absurd and least likely to actually happen of these developments (so I have to assume, or the world is just crazy and I don’t get it anymore):  The reality show.  I was contacted last week by the casting folks for an upcoming show that intends to follow around “modern” stay-at-home dads.  They found me via my SlowMama posts.  We spoke for a half-hour about what I’m like and “why America might fall in love with Jimmy” (I kid you not, that was part of the interview, and my head now requires lubrication to fit through most standard door frames).  Things seemed to go pretty well, and despite having never actually considered such a possibility for even a second, I am now convinced that this is probably my life’s calling.  It’s funny how quickly I can get my hopes into something without previously knowing that it existed.

The chances of this actually happening are so small that I’m ok laying the jinx on it – because seriously, I am or hope to be many things, but reality TV sensation/pin-up DILF was never really one of them.  If it doesn’t happen, I’ll just say I was honored to be considered, cry myself to sleep and go back to speaking to Natalie on equal terms, no longer referring to myself in the third person or refusing to do household chores.

Of course, if it does happen….lvnekjvw;vbwjvbq.  It’s so ridiculous to even consider what it would mean or how things would be.  You can bet your bottom that I’d live-blog the whole thing (which probably wouldn’t make for the best television now that I think about it).

Riveting television material.

The big question, of course, is whether America is ready to invite my perpetually un-showered, borderline hermit, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants parenting into their households.  You’ll know as soon as I do.

In the meantime, I’m kicking into hyper-drive dreamer mode.  The extended family Davis Clan spin-off is already working its way around my brain.  I just need to figure out whether we’ll be liable for giving the language censorship guy carpal tunnel syndrome after they film the big all-siblings-on-deck family dinners.  George Carlin would blush.  And my dad would bang on the table, attempting (unsuccessfully) to bring us to order, while only rattling the silverware instead.

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  1. Um, WOW! Hope everything works out with the reality show!

  2. Jimmy, being a former TV personality – let me know if I can help…

  3. Oh. My. God. I peed my pants when I read “DILF”; out loud; with Mom and Dad present! I can see the intro…”Modern Dads” starring DILF Davis, Esq.

    I too am excited at the prospect of a Silver Sod spin off followed by a Davis Family edition of Celebrity Rehab.

    I”ve always said you live a storied life and that someone should follow you with a video camera!!! Here’s to hoping this works out. Cheers!!!

  4. That is crazy awesome. I would totally watch you on TV!

  5. I believe this calls for an official NoMa’am name changer…He’s no longer Esquire…he’s now known as DILF.

  6. Congratulations Jimmy!! Quite an honor to be considered being that you’ve only been doing this for a short period of time. Oh, I’ll try really hard to keep the language in check during the filming.

  7. When you first started writing “The Book of Jimmy”, I remember sending a post that said, ” I see a book or movie deal in your future.” Uncle Michael is retiring for the second time, he could be your agent, he is real good with money! Can’t wait to tune in to watch! Congrats!

  8. !!

    This is craziness. I know the level-headed response would be to point out that “it’s an honor just to be considered,” but forget that nonsense, I want to see this show happen! Not least because then everyone at SlowMama can brag about our pivotal role in your rocketing to superstardom…

    In all seriousness, congratulations! Can’t wait to hear what comes of it —

  9. Like everyone else, can’t wait to see what comes if this, Jimmy!

  10. This is the best news I’ve heard all day! If this happens – fingers crossed – please give those of us without TV ample notice. I will totally buy cable for this.

  11. America would definitely fall in love with Jimmy, there is no “might” about it! Good luck!

  12. This is all kinds of awesome! Can’t wait to hear if it works out!! Good luck!

  13. That is one beautiful baby.

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