Might As Well Face It

My father-in-law is something of a mad scientist when it comes to carpentry.  He’s converted their basement into his carpentry lab, where he toils away building things both beautiful and functional all year round.  He just can’t help himself.

We’re lucky enough to be beneficiaries of this hobby of his.  For the last several Christmases he’s worked in secrecy creating masterpieces for his kids, each more amazing than the last.  We’ve also been lucky enough to get some between-the-seasons presents in the form of several spectacular homemade cutting boards.  The latest of these gifts is this incredible Escher-inspired chevron design:

Aside from the boards being aesthetically amazing, he’s adamant that we not be afraid of actually using them.  And they work as nicely as they look.  

Not long ago Natalie had the realization that we should be doing more to show off these bad boys.  We bring them out anytime we’re cooking or entertaining guests, but it feels weird to stow them away when they aren’t in use – like we’re wasting their beauty.  Wouldn’t it be great, she wondered, if we had a way to show them off?

Well, I’ve been in the project groove lately, so her suggestion timing was perfect.  After working hard on Loren’s new crib all weekend, I had plenty of material leftover for a small side project.  So it was on to making a pair of small shelves.

I used a few discarded 1×2 maple and 1×1 poplar pieces.  Construction was relatively straight-forward. I simply wanted a little ledge and lip to hold the cutting boards upright. After some brainstorming I settled on the following design:

I knew whatever I made would pale in comparison to its purpose, so I tried to keep it simple and sleek.

We decided to put them in the kitchen, directly below our cabinets.

This wall faces the entirety of our house, so you see it from the whole place.  That’s much better then keeping them hidden away all the time.

Even helps distract the eye a little when the kitchen is in use.

Finally, the proud display they deserve.

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  1. Those are so beautiful! They look great in their new homes!

  2. Those are awesome! And I clicked on the link and found the rest of his stuff and … wow! Does he sell his stuff anywhere? Because I would definitely buy a few pieces. Those are beautiful!!

  3. Much as we’ve tried to talk him into it he hasn’t taken that plunge yet.  We have our fingers crossed that he might one day.  In the meantime these are family exclusives.  

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