Minor Adjustments

Loren and Ruthie color together. It’s not the most eventful video I’ve taken, but it somehow manages to capture a lot.

Underneath every interaction lies that hint of sibling tension. Ruthie just trying to get comfortable ends up a little too close to Loren. Loren, a little too bossy, ends up making matters worse. ¬†“Ruthie, you’re squishing me in my face,” he says, forcing a wobbly little sister to fall back on top of him as she attempts to readjust to his protests.

It never devolved past this little give and take that night Рit helps that they were both in a great mood Рbut you could see it going that way if attitudes were just a little different in the moment.  Instead, Ruthie simply moves on to the next thing and walks away.

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  1. I love how they turn the pages randomly, yet peacefully along the way.

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