Specific Goals

Maybe too specific?

Yesterday we went to a big baby playdate in Maryland.  Lots of cute kids doing lots of cute things.  One great big reminder that Loren is growing up really fast – frighteningly so.  

We’ve enjoyed this particular playdate group before, a few months ago.  It really is amazing how quickly they change.  The kids are beginning to interact with one another, ever so slightly.  Playing “together” doesn’t just mean stealing toys from each other anymore.  They still exist in their own spheres of kid-dom, but those spheres are beginning to overlap.  They notice each other now.  They will play next to each other, and even play with the same toy now.  Loren and his forced-best-friend* Lincoln shared a ride-on Tow-Mater truck: Lincoln driving, Loren standing in the way honking the horn.

*A forced-best-friend is a child of similar age who has no choice but to be a best friend because of their parents’ relationship.  These two will like each other, and they will like it.  End of story.

Not a day goes by now that Natalie and I don’t watch Loren do something and wonder where this “kid” came from, and what did he do with our little baby.  Where has this kid gone?

Have you seen me?

From baby to toddler, almost overnight.  Do you realize the level of coordination it takes to stand on the bed?

He’s climbing things (oh the places I find him), running (sort of) around.  Suddenly he’s this freak athlete.  What happened?  He’s got molars, muscles, and a mind of his own. The three-M’s of toddlerhood.

In July we should have a new baby to coo over.  Loren will be a big brother, making him seem even older.  We asked my mom – she the super-mom of five children and surrogate mother to seemingly countless more – what the hardest thing was about having that second child.  Her answer?  Having a new baby makes you realize how quickly your first born is growing up.

I believe it.

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  1. It is good to have a forced best friend. My mom’s best friend from HS had a daughter the same day I was born. We’re 25 now and I’m going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in September. 

  2. My cousin and I are only a few months apart and we lived up the street from one another from birth.  He was my best man  at my wedding.  

    It’s definitely a cool thing to have.  I think it has the potential to strengthen and deepen the relationship, as that person ends up knowing your whole history.  

    Have fun at the wedding!

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