Minor Adjustments

Loren and Ruthie color together. It's not the most eventful video I've taken, but it somehow manages to capture a lot. Underneath every interaction lies that hint of sibling tension. Ruthie just trying to get comfortable ends up a little too close to Loren. Loren, a little too bossy, ends up making matters worse.  "Ruthie, you're ...

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Take One, Take Two


IMG_7748: IMG_7749: Those are the default titles my camera gave these two photos, which were taken in succession.  IMG_7748 and IMG_7749.  One moment all is harmony.  The next...less so. Awkward Family Photos may have taken the internet by storm (and rightfully so), but I feel like there is a niche opening for someone to start Honest Family Photos. ...

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Team Sports


I wrote about youth sports in a previous hypothetical parenting post.  I still don't know what we'll do on that front, and thankfully we still have plenty of time before we need to really consider writing that non-refundable league check. The other day, however, I had the good fortune of watching the kids take matters into ...

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Bluff Called


[Note: Ruthie turned six months old last week.  She's our second baby, so it's ok that I forgot to mention it the exact moment it occurred like I would have with Loren.  Sorry Moosey Moo.*] *"Moosey Moo" has become Ruthie's nickname.  I didn't realize it before, but the first born gets dibs on re-naming your second born. ...

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Stepping In To New Roles

Loren's doing his part on the big brother front.  He's gone from barely acknowledging Ruthie's existence to actively seeking her out for a bedtime kiss and inquiring about her by name when she's not around ("Roos? Roos?").  A few days ago, as Loren walked by a sleeping Ruthie, he stopped to watch her for a ...

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