The Balcony Garden


I've been spending more effort than is probably reasonable on our first-year balcony garden. I keep reading stories about novice gardeners facing crushing failure in the early run of things - root rot, fungus and other killers destroying entire bounties before they ever get going.  For some reason, despite all the warnings, I've jumped head-long ...

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“Our New House in the Big Building”


As expected, it's been a fast and crazy couple of weeks.  The move dominated everything - time, space, energy, focus. Loren, I think, is slowly realizing that this is where we live now.  He's long referred to our old apartment as "back-home DC."  It didn't matter where in the city we were hanging out, our apartment ...

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As the Dust Settles

Thanks Aunt Katie for taking such a great picture!

I wanted to check-in while the kids were napping and I wasn't actively doing any heavy lifting. We are officially moved into the new place, if not exactly finished moving.  I'd say we're about 75% here.  There are likely several large boxes worth of Idontknowwhat stashed around our old place waiting for me.  As for ...

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Bedroom Build Out – Resumed


It's been a really, really long time since I've made any progress on our bedroom build out.  After Ruthie was born all the building progress (predictably) stalled out.  That was six months ago.  For much of those six months it didn't matter.  Loren's room was more or less complete, so we didn't have to worry ...

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Natalie has made it to 36 weeks - the last of the big milestones we were hoping for with this pregnancy.  That means more likely than not, we are out of the woods if this baby decides to come a little earlier than the standard 40. I gave Nat her last progesterone shot at the end ...

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Bedroom Build Out – Drafting

We've already made substantial progress on the build-out, having nearly completed Loren's half of the baby rooms, but things have slowed since Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease took over our household.  Still marginally hobbled, I thought I'd take a little time to show you the "e-build" of our bedroom. For my project designs I've been using ...

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Bedroom Build Out – Primed and Bi-Folded

Despite being a bit mum on the subject, I've been buzzing along with the progress in Loren's room.  This past week saw some major gains. We have finally retired the wire curtain divider! For just under the last month or so, this is what separated our room from Loren's: It was enough to keep us from waking him ...

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Bedroom Build Out – Shelf Backing

Last Thursday I completed framing Loren's room, and now I've taken a big step toward closing-in the whole contraption.  Continuing with the Ikea "Hack" concept, I cut down the old flimsy shelf-backing material from our Billy Bookcase to fit the new width and then attached it using trim-screws. The material was fairly easy to work with. ...

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Bedroom Build Out – Mo Progress in Loren’s Room

Daily progress or Groundhogs' Day?  I've been sucked into the time warp that is trying to finish this bedroom build out before the second baby gets here.  Nat is now 31 weeks along.  She feels great, things are looking positive for making it full(ish) term, but we really have no way of knowing just when ...

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