The Holy Grail

How about a little something on the up-side to balance out my worrying last night?

Every so often I come across something on the internet that singularly captures the spirit, nay, the very essence of Camp Davis that I have no choice but to sit in awe…and then Pin it…and then hope upon hope that I might one day be able to replicate it.

The M-Fing Watermelon Keg is one of those moments.  I came across this picture over at* and my jaw just dropped.

Seriously, this is what it’s all about folks.  And I don’t even mean that this is just what Camp D is all about.  I’m willing to extend this quite a bit further.  I’ll just throw it out there:  If you ever sit and wonder about the meaning of life, look no further – you just found it.


And while those beer taps are a little pricey (if totally awesome), you can pull this off using something a little less fancy – like these simple water jug dispensers (only four bucks).

*I should add that I really like the Man Made DIY website.  When I first came across it I was hesitant, worried that it might be your typical douchy, guy-centric-Maxim-y DIY site that utterly butchered the concept of DIY and dumbs-down every aspect of masculinity (and can you blame me? Stuff catered to men, especially the 20-something male crowd, tends to think we’re all neanderthals that dream in truck and light-beer commercials.  It’s exhausting).  But I was wrong.  Man Made DIY does a really good job.

I’m not a big fan of syrupy-sweet cocktails, and I imagine if I wasn’t careful, filling this lovely melon with some sort of sugary concoction might tip the scales to the unpleasant.  So what’s a thirsty man to do?  The Basil Imposition.

Nat and I brewed this up a few years back after running across a similar cocktail in an old Bon Appetit (surprised?).  Their recipe was a little more complicated than necessary (in my view), and included some obscure, hard to find juices that made it an unlikely creation.  I can’t find a link, like I said it’s a little dated at this point, otherwise I’d include it.

This drink isn’t something you make up glass for glass; it’s probably better described as a punch.  There is a little cooking involved, so it’s best to make ahead of time.  But if I’m going to put something in a Watermelon Keg, it’s going to be a little bit of a production by definition.  So, on to the drink:

The Basil Imposition:

-One cup (packed and rinsed) fresh basil, plus a few sprigs for garnish;

-One cup clear rum (or spiced, but clear is my preference);

-Three cups various fruit juices (tangerine, OJ, berry, pomegranate – feel free to mix it up. It’s best to use one cup of three different juices just to keep things lively.  Just try to use actual 100% fruit juices (from concentrate is fine), and not just various shades of liquid corn syrup – which won’t add anything to the flavor and will make this drink too sugary);

-Optional: Lemon for garnish.

Mix the juices, then divide the mixture in half.  Put half (1.5 cups) of the juice mixture into a medium sauce pan, bring to a boil over high heat.  Add the basil, return to a boil, then cover and reduce to a simmer for ten minutes.  Remove from heat then cool down.

Pour the juice into your pitcher (or Watermelon Keg if you’re so lucky to have one), using a strainer to remove the cooked basil.  Add the other un-cooked juice and rum to the pitcher as well, stir vigorously.

Fill highball glass with ice, add sprig of basil and fill with mixture.  Top it off with some lemon if you like.  Enjoy several outside on a warm day.  Act very irresponsibly.  You’ve earned it.

PS: You would have known about this amazing Watermelon Keg already, if only you were following my Pin Boards.

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