The Playground is a Dangerous Place, for Love

Loren and I went to Walter Pierce playground yesterday to let loose and recap the long weekend with Aunt Q and Harrison.  It was downright spring-like outside, and parents and nannies trotted their excited kids out from all over.

Peek-a-boo with Harrison and Aunt Q

Now, I don’t know if the earth’s gravity was just out of whack or Loren’s sense of balance had decided to stay home for the day, but it seemed like every time I turned around Loren was mid-face-plant off some step into the mulch below.  At the time I was sure he’d have at least one or two lumps on his forehead to show for his troubles, but this morning all that remains is a little raspberry on the tip of his nose.  Not bad for an afternoon of accidents.

Toddlers are a resilient bunch.

But despite beating himself up Loren still had a good time.  And speaking of accidents, it looks like he accidentally managed to fall hopelessly in love with a tall five-year-old blonde in a rainbow colored dress.  She climbed the stairs behind him as he stood playing peek-a-boo with me on the slide platform.  As soon as he noticed her, Loren froze – arms at his side, he stared at her with eyes wide and blank.  He remained this way for what seemed like an eternity.

After offering him a big smile, she turned and in that I’m-a-capable-five-year-old sort of way, whipped herself down the slide and bounded off.  Still, Loren just stood there, staring into the void she’d left in his life.  You could practically hear “Dream Weaver” playing in his head as he remained motionless, stunned.  He stepped back from the slide, turned around and watched her play in the distance.  Opportunity lost.

He eventually moved on, but you could tell it was just eating him up inside.  I guess it’s time to add “hopeless romantic” to his list of traits.

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  1. […] Loren loves it too, of course, and so we go just about every day (especially with this freak nice weather we’ve been having here lately).  He wasn’t awake longer than two minutes this morning before he walked to the door saying “ous! OUS?!” (his word for “outside”).  I was half-tempted to go for a little footy PJ walk around the neighborhood, but decided we’d have breakfast first instead. […]

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